Wrangler Training Program

The curriculum for this course is composed of a variety of topics that we have found to be critical for our business and other similar businesses. These include the following:  
•The Proper Tools – identification of key equipment, repair and maintenance, leather care and of course proper blanket/saddle and bridling techniques  
•The Horse – overview of horse anatomy, behavior and socialization  
•The Mule – explanation of how to interact with mules as well as key differences as opposed to horses  
•The Daily Routine – overview of equine nutrition, hydration and daily care  
•The Veterinarian – basic veterinary training on all aspects of equine issues and ailments that a wrangler should be able to both identify and treat  
•The String – overview of the most common and effective knots as well as how to string and pony animals safely  
•The Trail – hands on experience with proper trail clearing and trail maintenance aimed at keeping animals and people safe.  
•The Trail Ride – riding techniques specific to leading trail

April 19th
to 24th
6 days