Archery Elk Hunt

Swan Mountain Outfitters takes only two hunters to each of our areas on our archery elk hunts in any of our “archery only” designated areas for three 7-day sessions. Even though the season is longer, we focus soley on the time frame before, during and after the rut to maximize our opportunity. Our archery elk hunters will actually hunt 5 days, with the rest of the time spent getting to and from the area.  

We employ two-on-one guiding as we have found it is the best way to maximize our hunters opportunities to be successful. What makes an archery elk hunt truly successful is the hunting skill of the guide. We have perhaps some of the top guides in the country as we operate a guide school and therefore had the opportunity to hand select and train our staff. Most of our archery elk guides have been hunting with bows for years.  

We utilize a spike camp, and are so finicky about scent control and noise that we don’t burn fires or have the comforts of our typical hunting camps – its all about getting archers

September 2nd
to 8th, 2022
7 days
Standard: $5,350.00
50% son/daughter: $2,675.00
Non-Hunter: $1,500.00