4 Day Llama Trek

Our 4-Day Llama Treks run from July through early September, when the high country is accessible. We hike 3 to 8 miles per day, covering a maximum of 25 miles. Our delightful llamas tote our gear with ease as we meander along the Swan Divide of the Flathead National Forest, a spectacular ridgetop trail with endless views of three surrounding wilderness areas, the Continental Divide and Glacier National Park. The typical group size for our hiking vacation packages is 4-7 people, and when necessary, smaller groups may be combined. Larger groups can occasionally be accommodated by special arrangement. Children are welcome, generally ages 7 and up. The Alpine Trail ranges from 6,000 to 7,500′. The hiking on this trip is moderately strenuous given that you follow a ridgetop trail through mountainous terrain. We go at a leisurely pace with plenty of time for rest stops, lunch breaks and marveling at the fantastic panoramic views.  

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July 18th
to 21st
8:30AM 4 days
Standard: $1,500.00
Child under 5 years old: $0.00